Wolfchase Sites

A unique custom website design for Wolfchase Nissan & Honda

Software/Skills — Photoshop, TypeKit, HTML, CSS
Created during my employment at Naked Lime Marketing


Original Designs


Wolfchase Nissan


Wolfchase Honda


Please Note:
I no longer have control over the look and content of the sites in this portfolio entry. Any ugliness/weirdness is purely the result of continuous mantenence and changes made by the team at Naked Lime Marketing and/or the dealership employees. The preview below shows the site as it appears currently and probably dno longer reflects my original design.

Wolfchase Nissan —


Wolfchase Honda —

Disclaimer: This site mockup was made by me during my employment at Naked Lime Marketing, a subsidiary of the Reynolds and Reynolds company, who owns the right to this graphic and design.
I do not own any of the photographic assets in this graphic. They all come from either Nissan or Getty Images, who have licensed the assets for use by Naked Lime Motors. FordPass in a registered Trademark of the Ford Motor Company. Since this website design depends highly on the contents of these images, I have elected to keep them solely for demosntration pruposes. I cannot sell the assets or anything containing the assets without proper authorization.

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