Tarleton Logos

3 Logo Animation Concepts Based on the Tarleton Logo for Use as Video Intros

Software — After Effects, 3ds Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, V-Ray, Quixel

Logo Intros

This was done in 3ds Max during my early experiments with V-Ray. It was the first Intro film I produced for Tarleton State University. They have used it for many video projects since.

Everything barring the University logo itself (including the music) was created by me and my own resources.

Not only was this done solely in After Effects, but the composite was procedurally rendered. This means that every pixel weas rendered from scratch for every frame and no video files or other graphics were imported into the composition (except for the photos & logo shape).

This was a test of my computer's hardware as well as a test of my own abilities to manage an After Effects composition with tons of layers/nested comps. As more and more layers were added, the more the computer had to work to recalculate to the final result.


Good Neighbor Intro

I think I'm proudest of this one. Just becuase I am happy with the way the animation flows and moves.

This was a (dropped) project for a campaign by Tarleton State University to help curb bad behavior like littering and noise-making around the campus and outlying community. That's what the "Be A Good Neightbor" text is for.

Logo ANimations

These are a series of the Tarleton Logo at varying degrees of "realism". They were commissioned to be dynamic assets for use in lower-thirds graphics and intro animation to be done at a later date and by different people. All were rendered in 3ds Max with V-Ray. Textures were made with Photoshop & Quixel.

This is the simplest version. It is has very little texture detail, a simple reflection, and no special or lens effects.

This one is more detailed and focuses on adding more texture detail like scratches, abrasions, faded areas, and other imperfections.

This last one is the most (one might say over-) detailed with additions to the atmosphere/ambiance of the scene. It adds lens flares, depth-of-field, and slightly changes the angle of the camera to give the featured object more dominance.


The Tarleton State University logo is a Trademark of Tarleton State University, a member of the Texas A&M University System