MRK Consulting


Branding & Website for a granbury business

Illustrator, Web

Initial Ideas

These are the logo designs I came up with sticking with the layout I had discussed with the client, ie the 3 letters “MRK” above the word “consulting”, making a rectangle.

The client didn’t really know what they wanted until they saw the various styles I showed. But after seeing these, we were able to narrow down what they were looking for.

All of these were “too modern”, and they didn’t have as professional a look as we were hoping. So after being inspired by a law book, I made the design below.


Final Version

MRK Consulting_COLOR@4x.png

It is simple, professional, and able to be monochromatic. The gold gradient invokes the idea of gold leaf like that found on embossed letters on books. It is old-style, yet the 3 letters running together at the bottoms and the slight italics give the logo a modern and inviting feel. Not like a grand, establishment institution that is to be intimidated by, but a small, professional firm that is inviting and friendly.


Please be aware that the client has taken it upon themselves to add their “personal flair” to their website.

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