Pinpoint App

UI Design for Pinpoint app by Apptricity

Software Skill — Sketch, Illustrator


This app connects with proprietary devices utilizing BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). They work a bit like Tile devices, except with more information and more features. The app was initially developed several years ago, but, lacking an experienced designer, did not function too well.

I designed the Logo too.

Here is what it was like


A conflicting color palette and forced rotation 🙄. That red bar shows how close you are to the device (it becomes taller the closer you are). Obviously not a great way to show distance. Overall the design is functional, but it’s stereotypical and missing refining and basic UX. For instance, the menu items all do completely different things, they are not all different “screens”, but rather a mix of functions & screens.


And here are my improvements


The login process hasn’t changed much, but now the input fields aren’t obscured by the keyboard during entry, and it takes advantage of the free space more. The color palette & design is updated to match the company’s branding and to be generally more pleasing.


Map & Asset LIst

This is the main part of the app, it shows all the devices around you associated with the specified location. It measures your distance away from them and has a radius of their likely position (bluetooth is not yet very accurate).

It also shows details of each device and the location it is associated with (details are retrieved from a secure server, the information is not stored on the BT device itself).

Swiping down on the details card will pinpoint the asset on the map. Its location is detected by the Bluetooth radio and the user can “confirm” its location to update the date last seen (shown as “Timestamp” in the mockups).

The asset list shows way more information, including an optional image. The red bar has been changed to a meter which uses a dot on a slider and also a color indicator to match Apptricity’s upcoming Marco Polo feature (telling you how hot or cold you are).


No hamburger menus!

The hamburger menu has been completely removed. They are boring, stereotypical, and don’t give the user immediate access nor a good idea of what the items do.

Instead, the Asset item is available as a pull-up card, the functional items (Associate Tag, Associate Asset) have been moved to the asset details screen, and the screen items (Location, Mass Report, RFID Scan, and Settings) have been turned into buttons at the bottom of the map.