Macros Again


If you saw my Macros Begin post, you will notice I like getting close to bees. I like bees because they are important, cute, and very, very photogenic. They scare people, especially if they’re up close. That draws the eye of curios people. Then the detail and texture revealed on the macro level keeps them focused and exploring.

Getting really close to something, whether it's an insect or a piece of technology, can show a surprising amount of interesting things. It shows that truly at every level of the universe, there is something beautiful and worth looking at.


Nature photography is hard enough. Moving and unaware subjects (often located in incovenient places) require heavy investment in equipment and travel. At least that used to be true. Most of these images were taken with my iPhone with a simple, cheap macro attachment. I could go pretty much anywhere with it and get pretty amazing macro images out of it. Later, when I was able to buy macro lenses and extenders for my Sony DSLR, they got even better.