Corner Setting

An experiment with textures from Poliigon

Software – 3ds Max, Illustrator, Texturino

Full View — Contains everything that I worked on


This was a project I wanted to work on to show my experience and to experiment with textures. Most of the textures used in this scene came from (using the free trial option). All materials and most of the models were designed by me using the basic V-Ray material and the maps I collected/made.

I hope I can offer all of my original assets from this project (like the models and my own textures) very soon.

Ball — A view of under the table. Some kind of glass sphere with a scale-like texture.

Wine Bottles — Close up on dust, smooth-ish glass, my custom labels (made in Illustrator with the Astute Graphics Texturino plugin), the wood shelf, and the wall.

Plants and Pail — The plants came from a service included in my Autodesk account. The pail was made with a galvanized steel texture from

Speakers — 2 speakers (kind of like bluetooth speakers or something) with a ring light and a cloth material covering. I had to tweak the cloth texture from poliigon a little to make an opacity map which would allow the camera to see through that layer a little but. You can see a little plastic shining through.

Vase and Bowls — I don't know really what goes on shelves, my own place is very minimal and I don't like collecting things. The rocks were a pain to place, using the mParticles system in the PFlow object, then using the Mesher object to bake the models. There is a slight smudging on the vase to show that is may have been scratched or collected dust or grime.

Cabinets — Pretty handles, I think, for some cabinets under the shelves. I though it was a good look to give the edges of the cabinets a nice color, which matches the window frames.

Table and Chairs — A closer look at the table and a chair. The chair has some scratches and the table has an interesting pattern which I think lets it look more netural.