Carmina Burana

Intro for Tarleton Choir's Carmina Burana Performance

Software — 3ds Max, Quixel, Photoshop, After Effects, Fume FX

A very big thank you to Dr. Troy Robertson for allowing me to express my appreciation of this music using another medium I love!



This design was based off of common designs surrounding the history and meaning behind Carmina Burana. The idea of a wheel, being cyclical, is the most common iconic representation of this work due to the cyclical themes featured throughout it. Many depictions also include the planets and their orbits around the sun.

My interpretation focused on the earth, the sun, and the moon. I wanted it to have an industrial look, but still be reminiscent of the medieval era. I kinda came close… It was my first time doing a big project like this.

I really came to love Carmina Burana as we rehearsed and as I was making this intro video. It's explorations on luck, fate, and other, more secular ideas are unique in choral music (which usually focuses on religious themes), but it is also beautiful on it’s own.


I was also asked to design the poster advertising the concert. It used the 3D designs made for the video with a da vinci-esque drawn design.

The lettering is from original typography found in related manuscripts

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