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A New Design and Feel for

Software – Wordpress, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Blender, After Effects, Atom, Chrome

The old Apptricity website, while not lacking too much copy, was boring, outdated, and static. I updated many of the graphics and the styling, made a stylish header video (and coded a scrolling link banner beneath it), and added a lot of interactivity/animation. For instance, the original front page icons just sat there being blue and doing nothing. Now, the user can dynamically slide between tabs, and the icons actually link to useful stuff, all while maintaining their original being blue functionality.


Website Header Video

Yes, most of these clips are just stock footage, assembled by me in Premiere Pro. However, the 3D phone extracting letters from the receipt (at 0:26) is all me. It took about a day to design, and about 2 days to render on the 2015 MacBook Pro I had. I also composited the mapping software screen onto the macbook (at 0:22).


Email Headers


New Email & Web Icons

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