CGPGrey Animation


Animation "Application" for CGPGrey

Software Skill — Illustrator, After Effects

Animator Needed

CGPGrey, after frustration with the long and difficult hours animating his videos, decided he would hire an animator to do the tedious work. This animator would relieve a large amount of stress and relinquish the many hours he has spent animating his videos himself, allowing him to focus on the writing and miscellaneous management of his videos and channel. He decided to base his hiring descision on applicants' demonstrated skill. So, he held a contest, of sorts, in which the applicants would create an animated video to go along with this (very) audio.

The following video is my submission:



This took a long time to make, not only becuase I had enver made a fully animated video before, but also becuase I wanted to prove to myself that I could take a challenge, my skills for which were under-developed, develop those skills as they were needed, and exceed even my own expectations for the final product.

I decided on Illustrator for asset-generation for a few reasons:

  • I know it better that any other piece of software
  • It has infinite quality (with a certain style of animation)
  • Since it's an Adobe product, it integrates nicely with After Effects, which I also love

After Effects was my choice of animating/rendering software for pretty much the same reasons: preexisting knowedge, quality, & integration.



Creative projetcs like this are the easiest for me. Something with a defined goal, and a structure already in place. While I love & am constantly driven to creating something completely original from complete scratch, I have never yet completed a single one of those (though many are in the works).

This project had an established style through CGPGrey's previous work. All I had to do was match and expand on it in a way that kept the intent and draw, and levelled up the quality and intrigue, and possibly the humor.

Vector art is perfect for animation. It's easy to work with, infinitely scalable, and mathematically precise. This makes basic animation (like those in this particular style) a breeze.

After Effects
Most people unfamiliar with Ae think that it's solely for video compositing. That is certaintly it's best application, but it's such a powerful tool that it does 2D and 3D animation quite well and with relative ease. and with it's abillity to read pure vectors from Illustrator, it's a perfect tool for this job. If you do use it for video, you're already fimiliar to the tools and layout, making you about 80% more ready to just jump into an animation than if you had chosen to go with flash or some other animation software.



I can proudly say I accomplished my goal with this project. I wasn't expecting to get the job, especially given that this was my first attempt at making a full animation. However, using only Illustrator, After Effects (& one or two plugins), I made this animation, from scratch (using CGPGrey's source material as a reference), and it has a quality I didn't expect I could achieve (4k 60fps video in the end). I definitely didn't expect to have it done in time, but I'm glad I did since it allowed me to be in the running. Of course, I wasn't the one chosen for the position, but, as some comments suggest, it's possibly because of the high quality of my submission.

This was a great experience that introduced the medium of animation and the urge to make more whenever I can. I haven't had the chance to really make progress on anything as of yet, but I have started a few projects that I hope will one day see the light of day. We will see.