Andis Roofing

Logo & design for Andis Roofing in granbury, TX

Software — Photoshop, Illustrator

Originally Produced — July 2015

This project was one of my first freelancing projects. It was a non-school related, actual business arrangement for designing a logo and business cards. Today, I'm not too proud of the logo. It definitely has problems, but I think that for my first professional job, it turned out rather well. And I actually like the reverse side of the business card (below).

I did a lot of learning throughout the process. I think the evolution of the logo is a good indicator of that.


Logo Variations

The logo went through a few revisions before the final version was decided (version 3 with the red roof). The first was based on the original idea for name of the yet-to-be-formed company. The client decided to focus more on the roofing aspect of his traditional business, and so the logo text reflected that. I was also learning more about layout and logo design at the time and so the text was moved to be more legible and pleasing to the eye. The third, and ultimately chosen, logo focused entirely on "Roofing" be removing the "& Remodeling" and making highlighting the roof by coloring it red and separating it from the rest of the house. The excessive detail on the roof, the walls, and the window was removed since the small details would be lost on such a logo. The last was an exercise in abstract design and playing with gradients.

Version 1 — Click to zoom

This represents my first (complete) attempt to square my design ideas with the requests of the client. To critique it today, it's pretty bad as logos go. There is way too much going on. A logo is supposed to be a simple. All the extra detail in the roof, window, and wall was unnecessary. I tried to do this "before and after" look with the blueprints and the dotted line. But it's all just way too much.

Version 2 — Click to zoom

This second version is only slightly better in that the subtitle text is enlarged and moved to a better spot. But all the excessive detail is still there.

Version 3 — The Client's Ultimate Choice

This third is the best of the "house" logos and it's much improved. The insane detail is absent and things have been simplified and algined better. If I were to continue "improving" it, I would get rid of the blueprint background. It doesn't even reallu look like a blueprint anyway. I would also change the font of "roofing". This logo was produced a few months after the first two.

Version 4 — Click to zoom

This is my favorite of the bunch. I'm a sucker for abstract though. There are a few things I would change, like removing the gradients and simplify the color palette.


Business Card

This business card features the logo, contact information in a block format, and a line to write an estimate. The reverse features tools in colorful blocks framed with the palette blue. The reverse was ultimately not used due to printing costs.

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