Get Involved

The first edition of the Student Engagement Catalogue called "Get Involved"

Software – Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Believe it or not, this project took 1 year and 7 months to complete, but not because of how big or complicated it was. It was one of the first projects I started working on when I joined the Student Publications team at Tarleton. It was originally a magazine (about 24 pages) requested by the Student Engagement department who had developed an "example" or "demo" draft of what they wanted. It was... interesting (if I can find it, I'll post what it looked like). In the end, the amount of the initial content that made it into the final version was about ~5%. Content kept getting "updated" and each round took about 3 weeks to get done on average. It got put on hold for about 3 months (I honestly thought it had just died), but came back with a fresh light when we hired a new project manager who did an awesome job reorganizing things and getting content from the client as well as giving useful feedback to me.

I'll be honest and say my first draft of this project was pretty bad as well. I was still getting to know InDesign a little and was getting acclimated to the way StuPub was run. At the very least I hadn't done it in MS PowerPoint like the Student Engagement team had. My draft had a color palette that was unappealing, graphics that didn't make sense for a magazine, and was missing the textual content a magazine should usually have (almost every page had just a few sentences on it).


Inside Pages

I can say I'm quite proud of the final result of this project, from my end at least. I think it could be longer with more content and more student-relevant info, but I had no control over that.

It was printed on a thicker, higher quality newsprint material which made the colors seem much richer and made it more comfortable to hold. The design is (as far as I know) pretty original. I call it Bridges because I think the text boxes look like they span the photos and connect the large margins like bridge would span a river and connect the two sides of land. I was basically just messing around in InDesign and found the idea appealing and thought it looked good. I also took the photo on the cover.

It turns out it's kind of difficult to find photos that work for this kind of layout because they need to span basically the whole page while having detail in certain spots (and also be relevant to the content on the page).

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