2016 Grassburr

Designs for the Centennial Ed. of the Tarleton Yearbook (2016 Grassburr)

Software — InDesign, Illustrator
Awards — 1st Place Cover Design, 1st Place Infographic, 2nd Place Infographic, 3rd Place End Sheets

The logo is based on the cover design present on the very first Grassburr. It focuses on replicating the basic shape and positioning of the original design, but with a theme of modernization for the typography (code-pro light) and the filigree at the bottom (which I'm just realizing kinda looks like an owl).


The original logo designed for the first Grassburr. I could not track down the designer of this cover, but it is theorized that it was a default design used by the printer.


The new logo I designed and used for the centennial edition of the Grassburr and various related merchandise


The Yearbook

CMYK: 40,40,0,0 CMYK: 100,100,60,0 CMYK: 10,40,100,0 CMYK: 100,0,0,60

The color palette for the yearbook is chosen in advance as a collaboration between the yearbook creative staff and the publication company. I like these colors as a palette by itself, but I wouldn't have chosen them for this type of project. It is a 100 year celebration and I just don't think the purple or blue are as... elegant as other colors would be.

The fonts used are Merriweather, Lato, Quickpen by Trial by Cupcakes

Front Cover, Back Cover, and Endsheets (yes I know that's not where endsheets go, but I am using a pre-made mockup setup and didn't have time to make my own for this blog post).

I am super proud of my endsheet designs. I came up with it while playing around (which I love having happen), they are simple, yet they say a lot (the goal of a minimalist's designs), and they are essentially a typographic piece (my favorite kind!). I'd really like to see what the 1st & 2nd prize winners look like. The cover was made by me (in Illustrator), but it's based off of the original yearbook design and creative direction by the Yearbook & Student Publications staff. The Infographics feature stats and other info on the greek organizations at Tarleton and were featured on their pages. The last 3 in the image below are slightly different due to space restrictions in the book. I can't say I'm proud of them. Their content and layout was my idea, but the design was pretty much just a template I found online (they were a rush job... no pun intended).

Front cover end sheet design

Cover design, the gold is rendered as a gold-foil material on the actual book, the cover is rendered as a leather-patterned soft material.

Back cover end sheet design


All the infographics I made for the yearbook. I do not know which ones won 1st & second. Quite frankly, I'm baffled. I'm surprised I won anything for these, I think they're so... stale


The Other Stuff

This being such a special occasion, we made up a whole series of merchandise for students, alumni, and contest winners. These included pencils, pens, mugs key chains, tiny reprints of the original 1916 yrearbook, and some really nice custom cardigans, one of which I was a proud recipient (when I can get a proper photo of it, I will put it here).

A T-shirt design for the Centennial

A T-shirt design for the Centennial

This was modeled & rendered in Blender. It is the best representation I could show of the mug and key chain we made for the centennial celebration.


You may have noticed the glaring difference in the yellows used in this page for the logo, book and merchandise products. this is due to a small exporting issue where the CMYK values weren't quite matching the RGB values. I didn't notice them until after I generated allt he assets, so just pretend they are all correct please!