2015 Grassburr Designs

Award-Winning Infographic Spread and Honorably-Mentioned Cover and Endsheets.

Software – Photoshop, Illustrator

The Grassburr is the yearbook for Tarleton State University. It began in 1916 and has been published every year since (except for 2 years during WWII). I had the pleasure of designing the cover, the endsheets (the pages that bind the inner pages with the cover), and the Greek life infographic (which ended up winning 2nd for Best infographic at the 2015 TIPA awards).


This is an infographic spread which visually represents the size and grouping of the fraternities and sororities at Tarleton. It won me second place in yearbook infographics at the 2015 TIPA awards. The line in the middle represents the page divide.


This was my first project working for Student Publications at Tarleton State University. My first day they called me into the Grassburr office and asked me my opinion on the cover. In the end I ended up designing it and the endsheets entirely (although the palette was decided on beforhand so I conformed my design to that). It was honorably-mentioned at the 2015 TIPA awards.


These were the endsheets for the 2015 Grassburr. I was just experimenting with some watercolor brushes, and this design came out of it. It served the book well, becuase they based the content page designs off of the same brushes, peppering them throughout the book. It too was honorably-mentioned at the 2015 TIPA awards.