Deswritigning Coming Soon!

I have always wanted to blog about design and other random things I find fascinating.

People who get to know me quickly realize that my interests are very, very broad. Not even that my interests vary. When I find something I'm interested in, the interest never leaves my head. I just often can't find the time to devote to it.

I think and hope this blog could help with that. It would be hard to write about something I have never done, so maybe feeling obligated to write about something interesting could force me to find the time to do those interesting things.

Deswritigning (design + writing) will be vaguely about design and writing with a lot of other things thrown in. Some topics will be happy, some sad, some neutral (but hopefully never bland).

I plan to upload spoken audio versions of my posts as well, but will only upload them after 2-3 days of the text version being up (to catch any mistakes or changes I need to make).

Stay tuned!