My name is PJ. I'm interested in so many things; from music composition to particle physics. My first passion was mathematics & physics which I studied in college. About half way through, I decided to switch to digital design after becoming extremely interested in it. I call myself a digital designer because I can make anything (if given enough time). I specialize in UI, 3D, & animation. I am interested in just about everything because everything is connected to everything else in some way.


WHere most of my effort goes

My "real job" is working for a Trial Consulting Firm in Dallas, TX called The Focal Point. Through our designs, consultations, analyses, and a myriad of other services, we help our clients win their cases. I have designed many high-performing presentations and have developed several tools and services which are used by the team to increase productivity and make our jobs (and the client's) easier.

Much of what I have done there is unfortunately privaleged due to the nature of the legal industry. But my experience & skills are easily demonstrable upon request.



I watch a lot of TV & movies (becuase they're just so much better than books), and I play video games on occasion. My current gaming obsession is Civ VI, which I can binge on for a good 18 hours. This is a logical follow up from my former gaming obsession, Civ V.

I have an amazing Partner-in-Crime named Brandon who I just can't seem spend enough time with.